Author: Andrea Choong

Assignment 1: Texture Study

Have you realized that everything has different textures? I did not realize that the details in the textures on the objects are different until this assignment was given to me. This assignment taught me how to differentiate different textures in every objects. Furthermore, use different mediums like pencils, charcoal, soft pastels, crayons, paint and colour pencils to see the effects it gives when transferring the texture onto paper. Instead of searching textures outdoors, I found that textures are even found on our items at home. Although some textures may be similar to each other, the spaces between the shapes...

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Assignment 3: Collagraph

Have you ever printed different textures on a piece of paper? I did something similar by doing a technique called mark making. But this is a little different by the technique of the printing. What is collagraph? It is a printing process where different types of materials are paste on a plywood or MDF board using glue. It is then brushed over with a layer of shellac. The design on the wood block is then printed on a paper using lino ink. I realized it was easier to do something abstract rather than a composition. I thought that it...

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Final Assignment: Sound Wizards

Have you perform something without any use of communication? I have did a short drama performance during secondary school but not without speaking. This assignment felt unreal to me. It was my first time to perform something without any speaking.It gave me a chance to think creatively and unrealistic. For this final assignment, we chose soundtrack number 3 to go with our sound performance. The theme we came up with is the ninja like theme. The main story line is Rat 1 has to rescue Rat 2 who is kidnapped by a group of ninjas. At first, we decided...

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Assignment 3: Objects Dialog Comic Strip

Have you ever created a comic strip on your own? But it mustn’t include humans, but only objects? This is my first time creating a comic strip and it was challenging at first, but I made it at last! My comic strip is about how the main character, Toothbrush meets random objects that he never meets before in reality. This comic shows a unrealistic encounter if these objects do meet each other. The objects are paintbrush, shoe and pillow. All of them have different stories from each other. This is the front cover. It shows the main character, Toothbrush....

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Assignment 2: Fantasy Book

Have you ever design a book that tells about yourself? If you have, how about designing a book which has to be non-verbally presented? I was confused with this assignment but then I realize that I could design a book using non-verbal components. My Fantasy Book tells about my personality and intuition. I chose to do introversion. Introversion tells a lot about myself and how it is like to be an introvert. Many people think that introverts are quiet and shy people who will not mix with the extroverts and remain lonely. But I absolutely disagree with that. There...

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