For this project, I started off by looking around the Snopz Mall for billboard advertisements. I found several food adverts that promote the restaurants around this mall and in front of U-Residence.

 Food & beverages advertising  #1

Food & beverages advertising #2

I went back to my hometown, Ipoh and took some more advertisements as well as my holiday trip to Penang.

Advertising billboards in Ipoh #1

Advertising billboards in Ipoh #2

Advertising billboards in Penang #1

Advertising billboards in Penang #2

After collecting some photos of advertising billboards, I made a mind map of three billboards and observe the design principles and how can I express them in a composition.

Mind map of billboard study

I have decided to show an artwork about unhealthy lifestyle where nowadays, people are stuck staring at their mobile phones and also drinking coffee and soft drinks which are bad for their health. It also represents the common addiction that people cannot avoid.

Sketches of the main character & elements

The main purpose of the artwork is to show that while the female is distracted by her phone, she thought about buying a coffee after having a can of coke. This shows that we do not pay attention to the real world which causes our health to deteriorate. 

I used graphics and illustration using Adobe Illustrator as my medium. I started off by searching visual references of a girl silhouette using her phone and a thought bubble.

Visual references for the silhouette & thought bubble

Drawing outline

Colours & silhouette

I wanted to show that the female is living in the modern technological world so I searched for a city-like scene from Tumblr.

Visual reference of city

Adding the city photo into the silhouette

Then I search for some references to draw a graphic style of the coca-cola can and the McCafe ice blended mocha.

Coca-cola can & ice mocha references

Drawing outline & colour ice blended mocha

I added some pouring effect to make it look like the coca-cola drink is pouring out into her body.

Pouring movement & coke liquid texture references

Adding texture into the pouring movement

Progress of main elements/subject of the artwork

After that, I went on to create a background that relating to this scenario and main elements in the composition. I have decided to show how people recently do not pay attention to the real world around them and neglect the nature which they live in.

I drew some sketching ideas for my background and search for some references to help me design the background.

Sketched ideas for background

References for my background

I decided to create silhouettes of an idea of the Malaysia environment relating to Kuala Lumpur twin towers and the city park.

Silhouette of the background

I searched for some colour scheme for the trees and buildings to make it look like the actual colours of the real buildings and tree. I wanted to add a texture to the sky to make it look real.

Colour scheme for the trees & buildings

Sky texture & colour scheme

Background- With colour

After creating the main subject and background, I combined both of them into one piece. I changed some of the colours to give some contrast. 

Final Outcome (1st attempt)

After getting feedback, I have decided to change the silhouette colour to plain grey and add a outer darker layer to make it 3-dimensional. I added more coke cans to show that even though she has drank many coke already, she still thinks of having an ice mocha.

Final Outcome (2nd attempt)

In relation to myself for this illustration, I agree that I am usually addicted to scrolling through social media, coffee and soft drinks. My purpose of this illustration is to let other people know that these are some things that most of us are addicted to and do not pay attention to what is happening in the present and their well-being. As technology is advancing, more and more people consume things that they are not aware of due to the fact they are attentive to their mobile devices.

Final Outcome

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