We were briefed on our first project, self-portrait this week. We are supposed to include at least a photo of ourselves in the artwork. We are free to use any media. 

I did a mindmap on my personality, interest, and facts about myself. I even went through the different types of materials that I will use for this artwork. 


After drawing out a mindmap of myself, I gathered some references that I can express and use for my self-portrait composition. I wanted to express how my inner self is louder than my outer self. 

Using the selected personalities and interests I like, I thought about how to express them using images and drawings. Here is a process of drawing of my interest in taking photos and music.

Drawing process:

After drawing, I tried to collage everything together and think about the composition for each drawing. I decided to place the silhouette of myself at the bottom and the other things at the top because I want to show that I am an introvert on the outside but my inner mind is full of loudness and tells more about me.


I decided to make the background look colourful with different shades of cold colours, blue and purple. I used different media for each section of the background to show uniqueness in me.

I also included one of my favourite quote that describes me and used some calligraphy writing to make it look presentable and elegant. 


Final Outcome:


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