For this project, I had to pick a place preferably somewhere nearby where I live. I need to visit the place I choose during the day and night and when it is quiet or crowded.

Before I choose a particular place to do, I did a mindmap of the places I have been to before.

Mindmap of locations that I am familiar with

From my mind map, I chose to do on the park and surrounding area at my apartment, D’Latour. I chose this place as it is easier for me to visit the place without any need for transportation. After visiting several times, I did another mind map of the location.

Mindmap of my selected location: D’Latour

Along with my mind map, I also took photos of how the place looks in the morning and at night with my DSRL camera.

Compilation of photos I took in the morning #1

Compilation of photos I took in the morning #2

Compilation of photos I took at night

Before starting with my artwork, I gathered some inspirations of how other people create their sense of place.

Visual references as ideas for my final outcome

After gathering many inspirations, I decided to combine both drawing and photo collage to express my chosen place. I used various mediums like pencil sketching, watercolour, soft pastel, photography and pen.

I started off by sketching significant objects that can be found in D’Latour.

Sketches of significant things that can be found in D’Latour

After drawing these objects, I planned out a collage layout and composition using the sketches and photos to make it represent the sense of place I chose.

Collage Ideas 

I picked the best collage idea and use it for my final composition. Here is my progress of my final outcome and background.

Progress of my drawings and photo collage

I chose to use a green background because most of colour scheme at the D’Latour park area is mostly full of greenery and plants. I used watercolour for the background. I added more details to my drawings as well to make it look three dimensional.

Progress of background 

Final Outcome

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