My parents, sister and I went to Kuala Lumpur for a two day trip on July 2nd to 3rd,2016.

Saturday(2nd July)


We arrived at Talyor University and walked around to see whether there are places to eat breakfast. Luckily, there were several commercial shops along Jalan Talyors. We had breakfast at OldTown Kopitam. I had a fried chicken nasi lemak set with a glass of ice lemon tea. After breakfast, we headed towards the Administration Office to talk and listen with a few lecturers about my first and second choice of field to study in the next one year. We met with the Computer&IT and Design lecturers.


After the long lecturing talk, we drove to The Uma Balinese Restaurant and had a festive lunch set together. We ordered Packet B (                            ) with Yellow rice and Saur Rice(Black Eyed Pea Rice), Es Campur Bali (a bowl of Bali’s ABC brimmed with cendol, jackfruit, cincau & coconut), Soda Gembira(Milky Air Bandung) and Jus Apokat(Indonesian Avocado Juice with melted chocolate) After lunch, we drove to the Chocolate Gallery. It is one of Malaysia’s Largest Chocolate Paradise. We bought some chocolate for our friends.


Later on, we went to Berjaya Times Square. We took the lift to the 5th floor and went to the Kpop souvenir shop called My Star Collection. There were two shops connected together and various souvenirs  such as keychains, tumblers, shirts, badges, caps, accessories,etc. My sister and I each bought four souvenirs. As we walked across some shops, I suddenly saw a pillow which had Song Joong Ki’s face on it. I hesitated a little but I insisted on buying it at last. We also walked to the FullHouse Egglet to buy the Original and Charcoal Cheese Egglet with Strawberry and Maple syrup.


In the evening, we went to  IKEA Cheras  for a lovely dinner at the IKEA Restaurant. I had five Swedish meatballs, a small plate of pasta, a bowl of mushroom soup, three pieces of roasted chicken wings and a glass of non-carbonated sparkling juice. After dinner, we checked into Aloft Hotel for a hotel room.

Sunday(3rd July)

We had breakfast in our hotel room before going to the KLCC convention centre. I had a chicken hot cup noodles with a cup of milk tea. Then we checked out the hotel and headed towards the convention centre to attend a seminar called Joey Yap’s Thriving In Turbulent Times. We came in early to register our tickets and get the better seating in the Gold Zone seminar hall. Joey Yap talked about various and new things in different topics such as Qing Men Dun Jia, Feng Shui and Bazi with very small and detail information. During the seminar hours, we had a short break in between and continued in a few minutes later.


During lunch, we bought our packed lunches at Cold Storage in KLCC twin towers. I had a sushi set, curry puff, fried seafood ball and a small bite of pizza. After lunch, we hurried back to the seminar hall. We had another break during the second half of the seminar and then it continued until it was finished around 5 p.m. After the seminar, we drove back home to Ipoh to have our late night dinner at a nearby coffee shop.