I had  5th grade ballet exam on Friday, April 25, 2014. It started at 11.30am and ended at 12.30pm. The examiner was Ms. Anne Butler. The pianist was Ms. Leow. My teacher who worked hard to prepare us for the exam is Ms. Chan. Then, I had a ballet workshop at my ballet school on Sunday morning with Ms. Butler , Ms. Chan and Ms. Fong. 

During the ballet exam, I danced the Barre, Centre , Adage,Pirouette, Allegro, Enchancement, Dance (by the way, these are french words that are used in ballet). For the dance, I performed Spanish waltz by using the purple fan.

Ms. Butler is a ballet teacher from Australia. She loves to watch the performances and  she is very strict about how we perform. She invited all the ballet students from higher grades, 5th and 6th grade  to come for the workshop. She taught us about the ballet posture, techniques and many more. She encourage us to  improve our ballet dance too.

taken in my home