Last Saturday, April 19 2014, I had music concert.  Most of the students who are going for exams played their exam music piece and we had string ensemble .  The music concert  was from 3:30- 5pm at Creative Music Academy.

In the concert, I was part of  the string ensemble. I played the violin. There were different kinds of musical instruments played during the ensemble: the cello, violins and viola. We played two different kinds of song called Memory and The Phantom Of The Opera. We had to sit in an arrangement of  musical orchestra seating.



We had practiced to play these  songs for the concert many times from 7 pm-9 pm at nights and 1pm- 3pm in the afternoon during weekends before the concert. I was so surprised that I could play these two songs successfully in the end. The teachers in charge were Ms. Xu Fei and Mr. Rester.


My sister also played her music exam pieces. She is taking her grade 1 guitar exams. Break a leg, my sis!. The two pieces were the Three Dancers and Ductia.