For the past few weeks, I have been doing a  school project, titled Art Geometric Work . This was taught by my art teacher, Ms. Michelle. 

For the first basic lesson of art geometric work, I used rubber bands to make different kinds of shapes and sizes. It was done on a hard black board. Then for few more lessons, I did more complicated shapes. 


Then, she decided that we should have created art geometric objects made of strings and nails.  We used the wooden board to create different kinds of things. I decided to create a simple and easy object, a puzzle. I used pink, blue, green and red color strings to make them colorful. This took me for few days to complete it. For the border of the board, I colored it with crayons .

For the second design, I decided to do Jake, the dog from the television show called ” Adventure Time With Finn and Jake”. For this design, I have just finished drawing and  hammering the nails in.