Have you ever had a chance to create your own game using recycled materials? Well, I was given a chance to do so.

My group assignment was to design and produce a Disney Cube game based on a given Disney movie. We were given the movie, Snow White 1937. We are required to use a ping pong ball and a 30 x 30 x 30 cm cube. We had only two weeks to think of an idea and make the cube.

We came up with an idea of a boxing fight between Snow White and the Evil Queen. We wanted to show that Snow White has a inner character of taking revenge on the Evil Queen.

These are my group mates and I working on the cube. Each of us was in charge of different things. I was in charge designing the wallpapers for the cube.


Outer design 


Side view of the inner layout

Top view of the inner layout


Other than our Disney cube design, we need to draw out our own individual ideas on a IDJ Journal (also known as Idea Journal). These ideas might be included in our Disney cube later on.


IDJ Journal PDF

The overall percentage of this assignment is 15 %. 10% is marked based on the Disney cube itself and 5% is given to our individual IDJ journal.

After completing this assignment, I felt that we learn to corporate with each other even if our ideas are completely different. Furthermore, I learned that we should stay positive and show good effort in every assignment we were given.


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