Author: Andrea Choong

Best Places To Eat At Sunway Pyramid

Mr. Tuk Tuk  It is must to try the mouthwatering Thai food at Mr. Tuk Tuk when you go to Sunway Pyramid.  It is usually packed with customers during lunch hours but it is worth to try! We tried most of the food there for two days! There are some more set meals for those who want to save as well. 2.  J&G Fried Chicken  It is the number one tastiest fried chicken in Taiwan. It is recommended for those who are fried chicken lovers. We bought one packet of their signature crispy chicken nugget, QQ deepsea squid and SPA chicken cutlet. 3. Bar. B. Q Plaza If you love steamboat, you have to try the steamboat at this restaurant. We ordered the beef set which comes with a range of vegetables and noodles to cook. We are free to cook them by ourselves in a big hot pot and grill. 4. Myeongdong Street Food  Everyone who loves Korean food should come and try these street snacks. There are individual menu and set menu available. It is located at the highest floor in Sunway Pyramid. We ordered Singdang dong station (topokki and hangul chicken) and a glass of ice lemon tea. After tea-time, we headed back home to Ipoh. And that’s all of the recommended cafes and restaurants in Sunway...

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Patisserie Boutique, Ipoh

My parents, sister and I had a French lunch at Patisserie Boutique, Ipoh on July 17th,2016.d Description of the restaurant The café was small and has two sections of dining areas. One of them is the main one which has a white and black background, whereas the other one has worn walls and is slightly smaller. There is a variety of main dishes, appetisers, hot & cold beverages and pastries. The counter and ordering area is very unique, elegant and has a French style of setting. After noon, the café gets crowded with customers so I would advise you to make a reservation first before coming in to eat. Types of dishes, pastries and beverages we had: Matcha AffogatoIced Flavoured Latte( Crème Brulee)Iced ChocolateSmoked Salmon AlfredoBeef Bacon AlfredoFour seasonsSmoked duck croissantsSouffle pancake Pictures!

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Aroy Dee Cafe, Ipoh

My parents, sister and I had dinner at Aroy Dee Cafe, Ipoh on October 30th,2016. Description of the restaurant The cafe had different types of dining area for customers to choose where to sit. The decorations and lightning in the restaurant was mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. The waiters and waitresses were helpful and polite to us and to the other customers. It has a music background to brighten the mood of the cafe. It was perfect to take many photographs of the cafe. This cafe is specialize for its authentic Thai cuisines. The different types of dishes we had: Tom Yum Noodle Soup Pad Thai Thai Pork Satay Banana Milkshake...

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Timeline of My Design Works (Bachelor in Creative Media)

Here is a continuation from my previous blog on my timeline of my IGCSE & Foundation In Design works. This is all about my improvement and collection of my works while studying in Bachelor in Creative Media. [Check out my blogspot for more information on my works:] Bachelor in Creative Media (August 2018- X) 1st Year (Semester 1) Illustration & Visual Narrative 1. Character Design 2. Graphics Novel       Digital Photography & Imaging 1. My Recreation of Jacek Yerka’s Artwork Original artwork Typography 1. Calligraphy 2. Animated Lettering 3. Type Expression 4. Text Formatting & Expression Thumbnail...

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Timeline of My Art & Design Works (IGCSE to Foundation In Design)

In this blog post, I will compile all my Art & Design works from secondary school up to where I am now. It is to show my improvement in developing my skills. IGCSE Art & Design (September 2016- June 2017) My mum’s homemade ‘Nasi Tumpeng Garden Furniture Foundation in Design Works (July 2017- June 2018) Semester 1 2D Design Studies  1. Unconventional Self-Portrait                           2. Expressive Pattern Design                         3....

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