The final year project that I have been working on for the past four months. This project relates to my future career as a UI/UX designer and was inspired by a company that I interned at.

A question that runs through my mind when I first came up with the project idea:

To solve this question, I created and designed a life purpose discovery website that customizes a learning pathway for millennial learners to guide and connect with their life purpose using the power of UI/UX design.

Project Objectives:

  1. Customise a learning pathway for learners based on their self-assessment results
  2. Create an interactive and engaging platform to guide and connect learners to their life purpose

Read more about my project planning, research through my presentation:

Art Direction: Typography & Colour Scheme

User Flow

After finalizing my project ideation, planning and research, I designed the website mockups using Figma.

Website Mockups

Click on this link to view the full prototype of my website:

Social Media Marketing

I thought of marketing my website using two different social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

Check out the website trailer and full walkthrough video !

And here is a Behance portfolio that I made for this project:

Check out my project featured in the Chrysalis Exhibition 2021, my final year showcase!!

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