Are you a fan of bubble teas? Check out the bubble teas I have tried and would like to recommend to all of you to try. Most bubble teas I have tried so far are located in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Ipoh, Sitiawan and Penang.

I will update this page from time to time whenever I explore or try new bubble teas that are recommended to try.


Joez Coconut Shake

Ever tried a coconut shake with boba? If you haven’t or are curious to know how it tastes like, Joez Coconut Shake is the right place to try this combination. It is located in Georgetown, Penang. Many people come to this place to buy their coconut beverages. A great beverage to cool yourself on a hot afternoon!


豹黑糖 Bao Hei Tang

Ever had a smoky flavoured boba tea? Here at Bao Hei Tang is special for its Fiery Brown Sugar Boba Latte! They burn the brown sugar using a blowtorch before it’s cooked with the pearls and also used to give a crème brulee finish to this signature drink. I bought this drink on Malaysia’s Independence Day where they had a store opening and promotions on their drinks.


Yumcha Tea Bar

Came across this bubble tea stand at Sama Sama Ruih event in Ipoh in August 2020. It serves one of their unique signature drink based on our childhood candy, white rabbit. Their drink is white rabbit milk cha with butterfly pea pearls. They didn’t have the butterfly pea pearls so I had it with their golden pearls instead.   


2D Cafe

An illustrative world to enjoy your bubble tea.  This café made me felt like a character from an animated movie or in a Japanese anime movie. Its signature drink is the 2D black sugar milk bubble tea. It is located in Sunway Geo Avenue.


The Alley

Went to Sitiawan for a one-day family vacation and stopped by The Alley to buy some cold drinks. We tried their recommended beverages, the Earl Grey Tea Latte Boba and their signature Brown Sugar Deerioca & Fresh Milk. Both were sweet and creamy but I preferred their signature drink.

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