Have you ever done printmaking in your life? You may have done in since childhood using fruits, vegetables, your hand, etc. But have you tried out mono print? This is my first time as well and I practiced it every time.

What is Mono Print?

Mono Print is a form of printmaking in which the image can only be printed once. This means editions cannot be made.

In my mono prints, I used different colors of lino inks (blue, red, yellow, white and black). I used oil-based inks because the colour quality for printing is excellent. I did five different mono prints and one artist proof.  I used different palette knives to paint and create texture to my mono prints.


These are the mono prints I did. Some of them were abstract and some were composition of actual objects. There were many problems I faced while doing these mono prints. However, I managed to solve these problems.

And this is my artist proof. Artist proof means the best print out of all the prints.

After I have completed my mono prints,I learned that practice makes perfect. I noticed that the first print would not be what I have expected it to be. But throughout the whole printing, it keeps on getting better and better.

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