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Burps & Giggles, Ipoh

My parents, sister and I had lunch at Burps&Giggles Restaurant on July 16th,2016. Description of the restaurant The restaurant has two shops combine next to each other. The first shop is the main restaurant for the counter and the dinning tables and have more decoration. Whereas, the second shop has more dinning tables and the lightning is dimmer. In the menu, there is variety of signature dishes and beverages and many other choices to choose from. At the entrance of the first shop, there are a number of craft and homemade things ready to be sold. The waiter and...

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Assignment Compilation (PDF version)

Here are my assignment compilation for each assignment below: Assignment 1: Presentation of 10 Best Liked Photographs Assignment 2: Street Photography at My Hometown, Ipoh  Assignment 3: Street Photography at Little India, Klang and Kajang Assignment 4: Cafe Photography at SS15 and Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Final Assignment/Project: Typography On Everyday Objects (Graphic Design Photography)...

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Final Project: Typography

As I mentioned from my previous blog post on my final project research, I have decided to do Graphic/Communication Design for my future degree. Here are five final photos that I have chosen. For these five photos, I chose five different objects and place a typography on each of them with background props to enhance the appearance. These are the final chosen typography that I used in these final photos.   Concept 1: Music as a form of relaxation In this photo, I used a blue checkered cloth as the main background for the composition. In the composition, it...

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Final Assignment: PVC Pipe Bird Sculpture

Have you ever made a type of large bird using a PVC pipe? Well, this is my first time making something out of a PVC pipe. Before we decided the final chosen type of bird we are making on, we each drew sketches at different views of three types of bird of our choice. For me, I drew a emperor penguin, giant blue heron and emperor penguin. Each bird sketches, I drew at least 3 different views. After sketching, I moved on to draw the three birds in a 3D view in...

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Shutter Speed Practice

During this class, we learned how to adjust our shutter speed depending on what effect to give the photos. Slow shutter speed Here are trials to test out the range of the slow shutter speed. We wanted to show that the people walking will not be seen and blur out while the focus is on Mr. Martin. Shutter speed: 1/1, Aperture: f/6.3, ISO: 200   Shutter speed: 1/5, Aperture: f/11, ISO: 200   Shutter speed: 1/10, Aperture: f/14, ISO: 200   After getting used to adjusting the shutter speed, we tried using our smartphones to draw lines around us....

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