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Assignment Compilation (PDF version)

Here are my assignment compilation for each assignment below: Assignment 1: Presentation of 10 Best Liked Photographs Assignment 2: Street Photography at My Hometown, Ipoh  Assignment 3: Street Photography at Little India, Klang and Kajang Assignment 4: Cafe Photography at SS15 and Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Final Assignment/Project: Typography On Everyday Objects (Graphic Design Photography)...

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Final Project: Typography

As I mentioned from my previous blog post on my final project research, I have decided to do Graphic/Communication Design for my future degree. Here are five final photos that I have chosen. For these five photos, I chose five different objects and place a typography on each of them with background props to enhance the appearance. These are the final chosen typography that I used in these final photos.   Concept 1: Music as a form of relaxation In this photo, I used a blue checkered cloth as the main background for the composition. In the composition, it...

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Shutter Speed Practice

During this class, we learned how to adjust our shutter speed depending on what effect to give the photos. Slow shutter speed Here are trials to test out the range of the slow shutter speed. We wanted to show that the people walking will not be seen and blur out while the focus is on Mr. Martin. Shutter speed: 1/1, Aperture: f/6.3, ISO: 200   Shutter speed: 1/5, Aperture: f/11, ISO: 200   Shutter speed: 1/10, Aperture: f/14, ISO: 200   After getting used to adjusting the shutter speed, we tried using our smartphones to draw lines around us....

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Final Assignment: Different Technology Used In Tertiary Classrooms: The Way Forward?

Have you experience a technological classroom learning environment? If you do, are you comfortable with it or do you prefer whiteboard and marker pens to be used for learning instead? Based on this argument, I prepared a 5 minute speech to convince the audience to be prepared to experience technological classroom learning environment. Here is my speech that I have prepared below: 190418 Speech writing And I even included visual aids to support my speech. Here is the google drive link below: After this final assignment was completed, I learned how technology can change everyone’s lives completely. I...

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Assignment 3: Finalizing Proposal Ideas

After coming up with our proposal ideas, we decided to change from making an  animation video to a short interactive game. Here are the ideas we came up with: We decided to create a game with a story line using a game making software, RPG maker. Our main character is Huderman.  The reason behind the main character’s name “Huderman” comes from the mixture of both Hulk and Spiderman.  Huderman has to guide his own story line to find solutions to control his anger with a pile of assignments he has. We decided to go ahead with the temporary title,...

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