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Final Assignment: Different Technology Used In Tertiary Classrooms: The Way Forward?

Have you experience a technological classroom learning environment? If you do, are you comfortable with it or do you prefer whiteboard and marker pens to be used for learning instead? Based on this argument, I prepared a 5 minute speech to convince the audience to be prepared to experience technological classroom learning environment. Here is my speech that I have prepared below: 190418 Speech writing And I even included visual aids to support my speech. Here is the google drive link below: After this final assignment was completed, I learned how technology can change everyone’s lives completely. I...

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Assignment 3: Finalizing Proposal Ideas

After coming up with our proposal ideas, we decided to change from making an  animation video to a short interactive game. Here are the ideas we came up with: We decided to create a game with a story line using a game making software, RPG maker. Our main character is Huderman.  The reason behind the main character’s name “Huderman” comes from the mixture of both Hulk and Spiderman.  Huderman has to guide his own story line to find solutions to control his anger with a pile of assignments he has. We decided to go ahead with the temporary title,...

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Assignment 4 (II): Cafe Photography at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

For this assignment, we went around the cafes in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. I explored around several cafes and took different photos of the interior. Here are five of my best photos I have taken: Mickey’s Original New York Pizza Here is a photo taken with the framed photos on the brick wall and the counter with a displayed blackboard menu. Shutter speed: 1/80, Aperture: f/4, ISO: 400   2. Joy St.  An outside view of the interior in the ice cream cafe. Shutter speed: 1/60, Aperture: f/4, ISO: 400   3. Tiny Temptress by L.Wendy A view of the...

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Assignment 2: Proposal Ideas

In this assignment, we are suppose to come up with ideas to produce our final major video. I have decided to work in a pair with my course mate, Noel. Based on our previous assignment on our CTX essay on our chosen superheroes, we are to relate the personality and character of our superheroes to our final video. Both of us had Hulk and Spider-man as our chosen superheroes. We place our superheroes side by side and side and compare the similarities and differences between these two. As for the similarities, they both have uncontrollable super powers. We have...

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Final Project: Research

As for my final project for photography, I need to relate it to my chosen degree study that I want to pursue in the future. I have decided to pursue in Graphic/ Communication Design. This comes under topics like product packaging, branding corporate identity, typography and visual semiotics. For this final assignment,I would like to focus mainly on typography, and explore the creativity of incorporating typography into these photos . I would like to do something similar like these photos below: I would like to focus on designing typography on everyday objects. The photos below are inspirations for me...

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