As for my final project for photography, I need to relate it to my chosen degree study that I want to pursue in the future. I have decided to pursue in Graphic/ Communication Design. This comes under topics like product packaging, branding corporate identity, typography and visual semiotics.

For this final assignment,I would like to focus mainly on typography, and explore the creativity of incorporating typography into these photos . I would like to do something similar like these photos below:

I would like to focus on designing typography on everyday objects. The photos below are inspirations for me to get ideas on how to incorporate typography in different types of item.

Typography design that inspires me:

Related image  Related image

Image result for brush pen calligraphy photos  Image result for brush pen calligraphy photos


Typography on everyday objects/items:

Image result for typography design on cups      Related image

Image result for typography products      Walk On The Moon Typography Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge | casescraft

Image result for typography design on products    A mantra to live by.

Image result for typography design on makeup products     Image result for typography packaging on bags


Style of photographs

In this case, I am focusing on everyday objects. I would like to play with the compostition and lightning when taking these photos. I would use both close up and wide shots to explore more perspective in the photos. I would like to keep the composition very simple and neat.

The photos will not be too decorative  and make the typography improve its appearance.

6 Fall Items to Get From The Farmer's Market | The Fresh Exchange   Web Analytics: Who’s Found You Through the Taste Test

Image result for typography on packaging with background   Image result for typography on packaging with background


Reason for choosing this topic

The reason why I chose this topic is that I  have an interest in product design and typography. So I have decided to combine both interest into one project through photography. At the same time, I became interested in designing typography using handwritten brush pen calligraphy.












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