In this assignment, we are suppose to come up with ideas to produce our final major video. I have decided to work in a pair with my course mate, Noel.

Based on our previous assignment on our CTX essay on our chosen superheroes, we are to relate the personality and character of our superheroes to our final video. Both of us had Hulk and Spider-man as our chosen superheroes.

We place our superheroes side by side and side and compare the similarities and differences between these two. As for the similarities, they both have uncontrollable super powers. We have chosen to focus on Hulk’s character: anger. So we found that Hulk needs to manage his anger in order to control his powers.

Here is our ideas that we came up with:

Assignment 2: Proposal Ideas (Noel and Andrea)

Temporary title: Portions of anger

We are planning to do a animation video based on anger management. We have chosen at least 4 points to plan out a short skit/scene for each of our points. For the characters for the scenes/skits, we will use wooden human mannequin and animated characters from the software used to make the animation video, powtoon.

These are our four points: how to manage your anger?

1. Need a sufficient amount of sleep. Without enough hours of sleep, it causes one to feel irritated and not in a good mood.

2. It is helpful to eat something when one is angry-hunger makes them think about their anger even more.

3. Spend time doing hobbies/physical activities that one enjoys.

4. Think before you speak- take a while to collect your thoughts before saying anything.

Genre: comedy, self-help, motivation, education


1. To tell the audience that anger is hard to control but it can be controlled in some ways.

2. To let the audience know how to control anger.

3. To inform the audience that anger can lead to problems in many aspects in life.

Here are also our written discussion ideas.


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