Have you ever had a chance to sell a product to a group of people? I have sell things online but never in person.

In this assignment, I need to do a sales pitch on any household items. The duration of our pitch is about 5 minutes. My chosen household item are classic porcelain plates. I have chosen this item because my family and I have some collection of these plates at home. We have been using them for a daily basis. We need to include visual aids to support our sales pitch.

After choosing my item, I wrote a sales pitch for my item.

Lesson 7 Andrea 290318 bunga kangkung

And I even prepares power-point slides to support my sales pitch. I brought the physical and actual items to present it during my speech.

classic pocrelain plates

Throughout this assignment, I learned how to be persuasive in selling a product by using my delivery skills to convince the audience or buyers to buy my product.

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