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Assignment 3: Insect Sculpture

Have you ever made a sculpture of any kind of insect using recycled materials? I don’t think I have done it before during my childhood or in high school. This is my first time making it. In this assignment, I had to draw some insect sketches that I could make it as a sculpture out of recycled materials. I had two ideas, one is a dragonfly and the other is a beetle. I drew different views to show both of these insects. As my chosen insect, I chose to make the dragonfly. I drew an anatomy and four different...

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Assignment 3: Persuasive Speech (Classic Porcelain Plates)

Have you ever had a chance to sell a product to a group of people? I have sell things online but never in person. In this assignment, I need to do a sales pitch on any household items. The duration of our pitch is about 5 minutes. My chosen household item are classic porcelain plates. I have chosen this item because my family and I have some collection of these plates at home. We have been using them for a daily basis. We need to include visual aids to support our sales pitch. After choosing my item, I wrote...

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Assignment 4 (I): Cafe Photography at SS15

In this assignment, I had to explore around several cafes around ss15 area in Subang. We needed to take photographs of the interiors and food in the cafes. We had to set our cameras to colour setting and using raw file format. I have taken several photographs of both the interior and food in the cafes. Here are six best photos that I took. 1. Sitting area with the neon signboard, “Melts in your Craving” at Carver Haven. I fell in love with the neon coloured lights that brighten up the words written on the wall. It would attract...

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Assignment 2: Animal Wire Sculpture

Have you ever made a handmade sculpture of any type of animal? If you have, what about making it out of wires? This is my first time making a sculpture out of wires. In this assignment, we were ask to form groups with 4-5 members. We had to build a wire sculpture of any choice of animal. My group chose two types of rabbits. One is a Rex Rabbit and the other one is a Cashmere Lop. We had an idea to make each rabbit with different positions. But before that, we had to individually come up with sketch...

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Assignment 3 (II) : Street Photography At Kajang

For the next street photography trip, we visited Kajang. This is my second time at Kajang since I came here during my childhood. In this assignment, we need to take at least 10 photos of the streets in Kajang. The photographs should be in monochrome and in RAW file. Here are several photographs that I took using my DSLR camera, Nikon D3400. 1.Chinese temple I tried to contrast the complicated, colourful temple with the plain, simple clouds in the sky. I took the photos in two different angles. Shutter speed: 1/125, Aperture: f/8, ISO:100   Shutter speed: 1/125, Aperture:...

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