Project 1: Character Design

For my first lecture class, I learned to use the Pen tool (P) and helpful shortcut keys to trace out the shapes or elements in Adobe Illustrator

I tried to trace each shape using the pen tool in blue. Here is the outcome on the right.

From the things that I learned, I had to design my character using a combination of the given shapes above. Then I went on to design my character’s silhouette.

After finalizing my silhouette, I moved on to adding the details like shadows and highlights to make my character look 3-dimensional. I used grey colour tones to differentiate the shadows and highlights.

After our character design is completed, we had to add colours to our character. I tried out with different colours and ended up with these colour schemes as my final.

Then, I moved on to design the background for the character. I wanted to make my background more simple as I want my character to stand out.

After finalizing my background, I placed my character on the background to see how it looks like.

When I had a lecture on how to add texture to a specific design or object.

Here are the steps to adding texture:

1. Search for a specific texture image online. Copy (CTRL+C) the selected image and paste (CTRL+V) it next to the shape/character.

2. Click Windows>>Transparency (it can be found next to color)

3. Click on the texture image and copy (CTRL+C)

4. Click on the shape and “Make Mask

5. Untick Clip and select the mask box 

6. On the mask box, paste the texture (CTRL+V)

7. You will see a highlighted blue box (texture) and drag it to the shape/character

I tried out with my character to see whether it looks more better or not. I used a black cloth texture.