In this assignment, I had to explore around several cafes around ss15 area in Subang. We needed to take photographs of the interiors and food in the cafes. We had to set our cameras to colour setting and using raw file format.

I have taken several photographs of both the interior and food in the cafes. Here are six best photos that I took.

1. Sitting area with the neon signboard, “Melts in your Craving” at Carver Haven.

I fell in love with the neon coloured lights that brighten up the words written on the wall. It would attract the customers’ attention and bring them to their ice cream parlor.

Shutter speed: 1/200, Aperture: f/8, ISO:800


2. Sitting area at Mykori Dessert Cafe.

The idea of using signboard to show the different types of desserts available is a good way to attract customers. I paid attention to the perspective and contrast between the lighting in the cafe and natural sunlight.

Shutter speed:1/160, Aperture:f/3.5, ISO:400


3. Cafe counter at PHIX.

I tried to focus on the two male customers sitting at the cafe counter while they were having their coffee.

Shutter speed:1/160, Aperture:f/3.5, ISO:400


4. Cafe counter at MyKori Dessert Cafe

The decorations at the cafe counter looks cute and simple.

Shutter speed:1/160, Aperture:f/3.5, ISO:800


5. Sitting place outside of the cafe at Brewyard Coffee

I paid attention to the angle to make the photo look interesting with the tables and chairs.

Shutter speed:1/160, Aperture:f/3.5, ISO:400


6.  A waitress doing her daily task in the cafe at Coffea Coffee.

I focus on the waitress while she was washing the container from the blender.

Shutter speed:1/200, Aperture:f/3.5, ISO:1600

I even took some photos of the desserts served at the cafes.


Ice-cream from Craver Haven.

I took the photo of the ice cream with a white background because it will give more focus to the subject more than the background.

Shutter speed:1/160, Aperture:f/5.6, ISO:800


Pastries available at the cafe at Coffea Coffee.

I tried to avoid taking the reflection from the display cabinet while taking photos of the pastries. However, there were still some parts in the photo had reflection.

Shutter speed:1/200, Aperture:f/3.5, ISO:1600


Thai Ice Tea Kokigori & Watermelon Kokigori

The display of the dishes were great for photo taking.

Shutter speed:1/200, Aperture:f/3.8, ISO:1600


I even tried exploring exterior cafe photography. These two photos are taken outside of Cosans Coffee. I tried to contrast the cafe with the clouds in the sky.

Shutter speed:1/200, Aperture:f/8, ISO:100


While I was the garden plants that were displayed at the side of the cafe, there were two ladies taking a photo with them.

Shutter speed:1/200, Aperture:f/8, ISO:100


Throughout this assignment, I learned how to control my shutter speed, aperture and ISO properly with colour effects. I had difficulty in controlling the exposure in the cafe due to the reflection and lighting in the cafe. However, throughout this trip, I learned and managed to differentiate the natural lighting and cafe lighting when taking photos.



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