My parents, sister and I went to Taiping and Kuala Sepetang for a two day trip on August 13 to 14, 2016.

Saturday (13th August)

We arrived at Kuala Sepetang in the afternoon and stopped by at Restoran Tepi Sungai for lunch. We had steamed fish with soy sauce and spring onions, stir-fried oyster sauce prawns and . The restaurant was just above the fishing village and the sea for fishermen to catch fishes and other sea animals. After lunch, we went to the Charcoal Factory where charcoal is being made using huge domes to burn down the wood. In the factory, the ground was filled with charcoal dust. On the road side, you will see some people selling charcoal wood with different carvings.

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Later on, we drove off to Taiping to have some Cendol at Ansari Famous Cendol restaurant. We even ordered a plate of rojak pasembor to go with the cendol.  The cendol was sold at very cheap prices compare to my hometown, Ipoh. After eating, we headed to a nearby P.S.L. Goreng Pisang shop. We bought fried bananas, cempedak, spring rolls and curry puff as our snacks to enjoy at our hotel.


After that, we went to check in our hotel at Tune Hotel. We unpacked our heavy luggage and sat down to have our mouthwatering snacks together. In the late afternoon, we headed to Tesco to buy some groceries and had dinner in town. For dinner, we had fish& chips, chicken chop, chicken chop rice and wan tan hor at Restoran Yut Sun.


After dinner, we drove back to Kuala Sepetang in the evening to watch the beautiful fireflies at night. Before that, we had a brief tour around the town and a night view of the fishing village below the bridge. Later on, we went back to watch the fireflies. We were lucky enough to have a reserved boat just for us to take us to see the fireflies. The tour guide said that it would be better to see them when there is a full moon. The tour took about one hour and it was magnificent and beautiful. After watching them, we drove to Taiping and back to our hotel.


Sunday(14th August)

In the morning, we had breakfast at Kedai Makanan Tai Chen. We had yellow rice with chicken curry, char keuy teow, orange fried chicken rice, popiah and wan tan mee. After breakfast, we went to Spritzer EcoPark. Before reaching the park, there are several monkeys passing by at the roadside and hiding in the trees. In the park, we played a 18-hole mini golf, visited the cactus rock, heart rock and forever love. After playing in the hot sun, we bought refreshments at the souvenir shop while cooling down ourselves. Luckily, we could keep the golf balls that we played with after finishing the golf course.

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In the afternoon, we had lunch at Restoran Kok Beng. The restaurant is one of the top 10 chicken rice in Malaysia in a competition organised by Guang Ming Daily Newspaper in 2007. After lunch, we drove back straight to Ipoh.


I will update this page from time to time when I do eat at well-known coffee shops, cafes or restaurants in Taiping.

  1. Ansari Famous Cendol

This restaurant is famous for its mouthwatering cendol and rojak pasembor. These foods are made from a local Indian seller. If you are a lover for cendol or rojak pasembor, this would be the best place for you!

2. P.S.L Goreng Pisang

This shop sells the crispy and sweet bananas that are freshly fried in hot boiling oil. There are also other various fried food available like fried sweet potato, fried spring rolls, curry puff and fried cempedak.

3. Restoran Yut Sun

In this restaurant, there are a variety of different cultured food to try such as western food and chinese food. The price of the foods are reasonable and affordable. The best food I tried so far was the chicken chop.

4. Kedai Makanan Tai Chen

Here is another local restaurant that would be good to eat especially for breakfast. This place is often crowded in the morning as all the stalls are opened and sell various foods to try. I recommend the yellow rice with chicken curry and the orange fried chicken rice.

5. Kedai Kopi Kok Beng

The restaurant is one of the top 10 chicken rice in Malaysia in a competition organised by Guang Ming Daily Newspaper in 2007. If you are a chicken rice lover, I would recommend this restaurant whenever you’re travelling to Taiping.