I will update this page from time to time when I do eat at well-known coffee shops, cafes or restaurants in Taiping.

  1. Ansari Famous Cendol

This restaurant is famous for its mouthwatering cendol and rojak pasembor. These foods are made from a local Indian seller. If you are a lover for cendol or rojak pasembor, this would be the best place for you!

2. P.S.L Goreng Pisang

This shop sells the crispy and sweet bananas that are freshly fried in hot boiling oil. There are also other various fried food available like fried sweet potato, fried spring rolls, curry puff and fried cempedak.

3. Restoran Yut Sun

In this restaurant, there are a variety of different cultured food to try such as western food and Chinese food. The price of the foods are reasonable and affordable. The best food I tried so far was the chicken chop.

4. Kedai Makanan Tai Chen

Here is another local restaurant that would be good to eat especially for breakfast. This place is often crowded in the morning as all the stalls are opened and sell various foods to try. I recommend the yellow rice with chicken curry and the orange fried chicken rice.

5. Kedai Kopi Kok Beng

The restaurant is one of the top 10 chicken rice in Malaysia in a competition organised by Guang Ming Daily Newspaper in 2007. If you are a chicken rice lover, I would recommend this restaurant whenever you’re travelling to Taiping.

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