Have you ever express your love for photography through a short video clip? I have done many videos before but not especially to express my love for photography.

During week 1 lecture, my lecturer, Mr. Martin gave a brief outline to the class about the assignment briefs and what will we learn from this class. It looked interesting yet difficulty at the same time since I am still a beginner.¬†ūüėē

In this assignment, I was asked to create a short video of my favourite photo shots. I needed to include five favourite photos taken by me and other five taken by professional photographers. I had to present these photos using voice narration. My lecturer, Mr. Martin show us an example of our senior’s work to give us some inspiration.¬†ūüôā

Before I started choosing the photos that I love, I wrote down three questions which can help explain why I love these photos:

  1. When or where was it taken?
  2. In which aspect or detail in the photo that attracts my attention?
  3. What impression is the photographer trying to portray?

After considering these questions, it helped me in my narration for my photo shots.

These are the 10 best liked photographs that I have chosen to use in my video. These first five photos are taken by me using a smartphone. These photos play important roles in my memory.


#1: Playing with lighting

Title of photo: Sunny Cha

This is taken using a Xiaomi Mi4i . I took this photo when I tried a colourful layered tea for the first time at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur.


#2: Food photography


Title of photo: Smoked platter

This was taken using a Xiaomi Mi4i. I took this photo when I went for a day trip to Gopeng and had lunch at Gopeng Antique Kopitam.


#3: Landscape


Title of photo: Fishing Village

This was taken using a Xiaomi Mi4i. I took this photo when I visited Kuala Sepetang.


#4: Memory


Title of photo: Wishing card

This photo is taken using a Xiaomi Mi4i. I took this photo when my family and I wrote our wishes and a memory of our visit to the Qing Xin Ling & Culture Village in Ipoh.


#5: Architecture 


Title of photo: French buildings

I took this photo using a Xiaomi Mi4i. This is taken when I visited Colmar Tropicale with my grandma and aunt.


These 5 photographs is taken by different professional photographers. I tried to choose a unsual and extraordinary photos which capture my attention.

1. Erik Almas

I love the composition of this photograph.It shows different sizes of Russian dolls doing their daily routines in a blue room. In my own interpretation, I came across an unexpected reality of what it is like when the Russian dolls would be alive as a woman. It shows different movements of the same Russian doll doing various activities.


2. Henri Cartier-Bresson

He showed various circular movements in one photo. The man riding the bicycle on a rounded pathway. The circular stairs which follows up the movement. The black and white effect gives a vintage and old-fashion feeling to the photo. The direction of the movements are similar to each other.


3. Trisha Toh

In this photo, the composition is quite messy and different from other ordinary photos. The position of the bowls let the noodles drop on the table as well as the biscuits on the table. It looks unique and attracts my attention. The table design contrasts with the complicated position of the food. It gives more focus to the food rather than the background.


4. Eric Lafforgue

 In this photo, it looks like the woman is looking at her photos of herself doing her daily chores. The details are very focused, for example, her wrinkled skin and hair which shows clear features of the woman.I love how the photographer portrays how the woman is looking back at her past memories of herself in the album.


5. Rehahn

 The contrasting colours between the blue sky and sunset is breathtaking. The colours blend in smoothly which shows a clear image of the sunset. He focus on the colours of the sky rather than the person. Therefore, the person only shows a silhouette. I like the way the colours of the sky are reflecting onto the clear water which blends in with the green crops.

After choosing these photos, I compiled them into a video. Here is a video of my 10 best liked photographs.

After completing this assignment, I learned how to present my favourite photo shots through a video presentation. There were some difficulties in the narration while the photo is being shown but I tried to improve on that and made a successful video.

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