Have you had a ice breaker session before in your life? If you have, did u speak everything that your audience needs to know about you?

In this assignment, I need to prepare a introductory speech, Elevator Pitch as an ice breaker. Elevator Pitch is a scenario where a person gives a synopsis about himself or herself to a stranger during a brief ride in a lift. This is a 3 minutes speech and a semi-formal dress code. I need to include expressions, body language, voice variety while giving my speech.

The questions that I had to think about when writing the speech are:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is my expertise?
  3. What makes me unique?

This is my introductory speech of myself. I have include a question in the beginning to make the audience think who am I in my inner self. I ended the speech with a positive and motivational message to my audience.

Andrea 040218 Rehearsal Elevator-Pitch-Introductory-speech-1

After this assignment, I learned how to introduce in an interesting way. I even learned to improve my presentation skills: facial expressions, hand gestures, body language and vocal variety. I was able to improve these skills thanks to my teacher, Ms.Svetlana! 🙂

I hope that this first speech can help improve more in my other upcoming speeches.

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