Have you ever drawn yourself or see yourself unconventionally? Well, I have been drawing and see myself normally but not unconventionally. This is the first time I have been given a chance to do so. :0

When the assignment was given to me on the first day, I felt that I did not have the confidence to do it. I felt the same experience when I first did my introductory assignment. This assignment was completely different from what I had expected.

So I looked up for some inspiration on the internet. At that moment, I finally had a vivid idea of my unconventional self-portrait. I am trying to include my research and skills to make my final piece.

In my research, I drew six different portraits on each paper using graphite pencils. Instead of drawing each portrait in the same front view, I drew them at different angles to make them look unconventional.

After the drawing the portraits, I have tried to inscribe the drawn portraits into a another media, calligraphy ink and satay sticks. Instead of drawing one portrait, I tried to combine two different portraits into one. I have tried to draw on a black surface to see the effects.

Then I have tried to use tea stain, highlighters, ballpoint pen, newspaper collage and watercolour. Each of the portraits shows a different perspective.

I even did a larger version of a collage in four of my self-portraits at different angles. I have added a background colour to compare the effects with the ones I did not use background colour with.

Before the official Assignment 1 was given out, we had to prepare four collages as a practice. I have realized that it was not too appealing and attractive enough. It felt too plain and does not look too much like a unconventional self-portrait.

In my final piece, I had an idea to do my unconventional self-portrait look bizarre and unusual. My vivid ideas for my final piece is quite different from what I have done in my final outcome. I have tried to include every media I have explored through my research.

After completing this assignment, I have learned that a realistic and  an original portrait can be turned into an unconventional one. Furthermore, I have explore different medias and learn to apply in my unconventional portraits.It helps to gain more confidence in looking forward to more assignment that are like this.