Have you ever design a book that tells about yourself? If you have, how about designing a book which has to be non-verbally presented? I was confused with this assignment but then I realize that I could design a book using non-verbal components.

My Fantasy Book tells about my personality and intuition. I chose to do introversion. Introversion tells a lot about myself and how it is like to be an introvert. Many people think that introverts are quiet and shy people who will not mix with the extroverts and remain lonely. But I absolutely disagree with that. There is also another amazing reason why introverts are interesting people.


So here is my book telling about all these reasons.

This is the front cover of my book. The title is Andrea’s Introversion. Every introvert has their own introversion so this is my version.

The first page tells about my introvert mind. The black box represents my brain or mind and inside are colour papers that represents my thoughts and ideas running around in my mind. This tells that people need to ask or communicate to introverts in order to know what their ideas are. While making this box, I had trouble making the paint permanent. So I decided to spray a varnish layer on the box.

The second page conveys about how an introvert’s intuition is very powerful. In this case, all the doors represent my future either it is good or bad. The hand with a key shows that I know which is the right future for me.

The third page tells about the opposite side of me. Although I am an introvert, I am a very competitive person. I always strive to be the winner and be the best out of everyone. Especially when it comes to competitions.

Although I successfully design it, I faced some difficulties in the pop up mechanism. The cut out for the pop up would not pop up and always remained flat.

The fourth page tells about my creativity as an introvert. I am creative in my daily life activities. In this case, my eating habits. I tend to eat my dislikes first and leave my favorites till the last. I have been carrying on this habit since childhood. Next is my photography skills. I love to pick an angle with a great lighting in order to take a good quality photo.

The problems I faced are the positions to paste the photos on the cardboard piece. While printing the photos, I made sure that the photo quality is excellent so the readers will understand what is it trying to portray.

This is a video of how my blue flip up sheet is being interacted with.

Before I started on my Fantasy Book, I did an Idea Journal which helped me design my final outcome.

Fantasy Book IDJ PDF


Throughout this assignment, I have learned more about myself and how I express myself non-verbally. I tried to show what is like to be in my introvert personality. Furthermore, I learnt to overcome problems I faced with the mechanism and find solutions.

I hope that after reading this blog, everyone could stop criticizing introverts and look at a different perspective and be open to them.


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