Have you ever had an opportunity to try out wood carving? I wished to one day try wood carving and I really had the opportunity to do it!

What is Wood Cut?

It is basically a print carved on a wood block and it is covered in lino ink to be printed on a paper. The non-carved surfaces will only be printed. It can be done multiple times so editions can be made.

My design of my wood cut is a still-life composition. It is a picture of a cup and a bottle. I used Sakura carving tools to carve my design on the wood block. I usually use the V shape and U shape carving tools. I find them much easier to use. The V shape is used to carve thin lines whereas the U shape carves thicker lines. I used a black lino ink and a brayer to apply the ink on the wood block.

This is my composition on a MDF (Medium-density fibre) block. This composition was taken from one of my favourite photos from my Instagram. This is taken when I first tried Ying Yong at a restaurant.

This is a try-out print also known as a Test Print. The printing did not show a clear composition due to the lack of ink on the wood block.

These are my five editions of my wood cut. Then the composition keeps on improving and shows a better quality of printing.

This is my Artist Proof of my wood cut.

After doing these wood cut prints, I have learned that the wood would not absorb the paint very quickly. It takes time to absorb the paint fully on the wood block. I overcame some problems on the way and manage to improve on my prints.

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