Have you ever had a chance to create your own pattern using not only 2D components but even 3D components as well? I have only create patterns using pen or pencils but not using other medias.

When I first got this assignment, I felt it was similar to the previous assignment. Except this is more abstract-based. In this assignment, I had to create patterns in silhouettes for my final piece.  I have included some patterns that I have done in my previous works in my previous secondary school.

I have explored different patterns in each silhouette of man made buildings. I used a mixture of colour pencils and pencils. It shows different effects when using two different medias.

This time, I wanted to use media of  3D components. I feel that I had many ideas when it comes to using other alternative medias compared to pencils and colour pencils. On the left silhouette, I crumpled it to create a rough texture before staining it using leftover tea bags.  I felt curious about using fruit skins to inscribe in my silhouette. On the right one, I pasted small apple skins and covered the gaps in between using a black permanent marker.

On the left silhouette, I used red spray paint for the top one. The bottom one I used pencil shavings and painted it with shades of pink. The right one, I used a gold spray paint to cover the parts which I plan not to leave the orange spots. I tried to taking risks and leave my comfort zone of using only pencils and colour pencils all the time.

On the left, I used purple, yellow, light green and light blue poster paint to create shades. The right silhouette, I used some cut out pieces from a old brown shirt. For all the backgrounds, I used complementary colours of the pattern colours. I wanted to create contrast and make the patterns stand out.

For my final piece, I have decided to create three silhouettes with patterns inside them. The background will also be in a pattern form. It may not be realistic, but I realized that I enjoyed doing this type of abstract work.

Throughout this assignment, I have learned to pay attention to details when creating repetitive patterns. I can apply this skill to my future job. Furthermore, I learnt that colour plays an important role when contrasting patterns between the background and the silhouettes.

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