Have you ever printed different textures on a piece of paper? I did something similar by doing a technique called mark making. But this is a little different by the technique of the printing.

What is collagraph?

It is a printing process where different types of materials are paste on a plywood or MDF board using glue. It is then brushed over with a layer of shellac. The design on the wood block is then printed on a paper using lino ink.

I realized it was easier to do something abstract rather than a composition. I thought that it would be more interesting. I used a piece of plywood as my base. I collected different materials such as old cloth, wooden sticks, aluminium foil, pencil shavings and many more. Instead of covering the base with materials only, I tried to add some random cravings on empty spaces in between.

After the glue is dried, I added one more layer to make the materials stick properly to the base. Later on, I applied a layer of shellac to make it waterproof and easy to apply the lino ink.

This is my collagraph design.

I did one test print to check the quality of the print.

These are my five different collagraph prints I did.

And I finally picked one collagraph for my artist proof.

After this assignment, I learned that collagraph is not an easy printing technique to do. It requires me to practice until I get use to the printing press. Furthermore, I learned that pasting different materials on the base gives different texture to the prints.



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