Have you ever did mark marking when you were a child? But have you done it using only black and white paint or ink? I thought it would not be attractive, but it brings mark making into a different perspective.

For this assignment, we have to create a final book of mark markings in any type of black or white paper. We can include collages or any pattern. My book that I have an idea about links to my research. I felt that I need some of my exploration of mark makings to be included and a book mock-up construction that I have designed before and use it to bind my book.

I have decided to do 10 exploration of mark makings. I have used a variety of medias.

From top left to bottom right:

  1. Sponge markings using black paint
  2. Tied up strings markings using black paint
  3. Spray paint cap markings using white paint
  4. Carrot peel markings using black ink

From top left to bottom right:

  1. Spray paint markings using gold paint
  2. Comb markings using black paint
  3. Carrot slice markings using white paint
  4. Ink splash using black+grey paint

From top center to bottom right:

  1. Sandpaper Foliage using 2B pencil
  2. Rough sponge surface markings using black paint
  3. Fingerprints markings using black ink

Then, I did three mock up books using recycled paper. I tried different design of Japanese binding by sewing. I learned some from the Internet since I have not done this before. Then I designed one myself using the skills I have learned.

Left to right:

Later on, I tried a different technique of mark marking: marbling. I used both white and black A5 papers and produce different patterns of marbling. Then, I tried to weaving the marbling together with a plain black and white paper. Instead of only on white and black surface, I even tried weaving both aluminium foil and white paper. It shows a big difference in the colour and texture.

At the same time, I tried subtraction and addition cut out on 5×5 cm black squares. Then on a marbling base as well. I include this technique in my final book.

These are the marbling I did before weaving. Before I managed to do marbling confidently, I tried out different coloured marbling using gloss ink.


With Marbling Base


With marbling base


Final Mark Marking Book

After completing this assignment, I have learned that I love to do this kind of abstract project. I learned new techniques and skills in weaved design and the book mock-up construction. When I first received this assignment, I thought it would be boring because we are only using black and white mediums. However, throughout the assignment, I felt that it was really fun and exciting.

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