Have you ever try carving a linoleum plate? If you have not try it yet, I guarantee that you would not regret not trying it at all. I felt really comfortable and relaxed while carving it.

What is Lino Cut?

It is exactly the same method as wood cut but it is carved on a linoleum plate. It is then printed on a piece of paper. Linoleum plate is thinner and more easier to have a smooth cut. It can be done multiple times.

My design of my lino cut will be completely different from my wood cut design. I decided to carve different patterns in the background and in the leaf itself. It will be like an abstract. I used the Sakura carving tools. I usually use the V shape and U shape carving tools for craving. After that, I used black lino ink and a brayer to apply the ink onto the linoleum plate to produce a print on a paper.

This is my design of my lino cut.

Before applying the ink. I used a permanent black marker to outline the design.

After applying the ink.

These are my test prints. I had problems printing the design onto the paper.

These are my five editions of prints.


And finally I have chosen this print as my Artist Proof.

After doing this lino cut printing, I realized that I really enjoyed doing this type of print compared to the others. I thought that this was much easier to print since the linoleum is a thin sheet compared to the wood block. The carving part was very satisfying because it was smooth and easy to cut.


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