My grandpa, parents, sister and I had breakfast at Restoran Chooi Yue Dim Sum, Ipoh on December 24th,2016.

Description of the restaurant

The restaurant, especially during the weekends and holidays, it is packed with many customers. The dim sum will be going around the tables for people to choose which one they want to eat. The dim sum is freshly cooked and baked and good quality. The waiters and waitresses are helpful and polite. It is a Hong Kong style dim sum. There are many different types of dim sum to choose from. Ranging from the delicious pao to the mouthwatering fried dim sum.

The different types of dim sum we had:

  • Sweet and sour minced pork rolls
  • Yam Puff
  • Pork Dumplings (Siew Mai)
  • Prawn dumplings (Har Gou)
  • Barbacue pork pao (Char Siew Pao)
  • Steamed glutinous rice (Lor Mai Gai)
  • Steamed spareribs with shredded yam
  • Yellow custard pao
  • Fried prawn wanton
  • Bacon roll pao
  • Deep-fried prawn rolls
  • Glutinous rice pao
  • Egg Prawn Puff

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