I had to choose an artwork by Jacek Yerka and re-composite his artwork using my own images or free stock images.  I am free to use any tools and techniques we learned so far in my digital photography exercises. 

I chose to do on Jacek Yerka‘s artwork “Chess on the island“.

I used some of my own photos and some from the free stock photos website, Pixabay and Pexels. I searched for similar and referenced images that can represent each element in the artwork.

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After gathering all my picture references, I started off by creating the background first then to the other elements in front. 

I used the brush tool, quick selection tool, layer mask mostly to recreate the artwork.

Background- Sea & Sky (Screenshot of Layers from Adobe Photoshop):

Background- Sea & Sky:

Island Layout (Screenshot of Layers from Adobe Photoshop):

Island Layout:

Main Objects (Screenshot of Layers from Adobe Photoshop):

Main Objects:

After combining the picture references together in one composition, I used several hue/saturation to adjust the colours of each element to make it look like the colour of the object in the real artwork. 

Main Objects (Screenshot of Layers from Adobe Photoshop):

Comparison between the original artwork & my recreation

My final recreation (1st Attempt):

I showed the overall progress of my work to my lecturer and he gave me feedback on the improvement and the good comments on my work. He said that the composition is good but there is a lack of perspective in each element. Everything looks flat. Whereas in the original artwork, there is perspective in each element to make it stand out.

He suggested that I can use the grass brush tool with a darker colour and add shades to the edges of the grass and greenery. And adjust the shadows and highlight for the rest of the objects.

After getting some feedback from my lecturer, I amend some changes to the colour filter of the elements to make more look blended and 3-dimensional. I changed to the colours to look more yellowish like in the original artwork.

Final Outcome of My Recreation: