Have you ever drawn without seeing the paper at all? Well if you haven’t, here is what is it about. This is my second time doing this technique called Blind Contour. The first time I did it was when I attend a Zen Drawing workshop during my secondary school.

What is Blind Contour?

Blind Contour is a unique technique which allows people to concentrate on the details or contour of the object while drawing on a piece of paper without looking at it.

During my 2D Design Studies tutorial class, my course mates and I did several blind contour drawings of our course mates. We tried two different types of media: charcoal sticks and satay sticks drawn with calligraphy ink.

While doing this exercise, I faced several problems. Blind contour needs to have only continuous lines in each portrait without showing any separated lines. I tried many times and finally I manage to join the lines.

I realized that we can improve our drawing skills using this simple technique.

These are my blind contour drawings.

These drawings are drawn using satay sticks with calligraphy ink.


I have used charcoal sticks for these drawings.

This exercise trains me to observe at things more carefully. I paid more attention to the outline and details of my friends.

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