Have you ever had a chance to design your own monogram using your own intials? I have tried drawing existing logos but not designing one myself.

In this assignment, I had to design various monogram in order to finalize my final monogram. This final monogram will then be printed on five different items using different techniques to print the monograms.

I had to brainstorm at least 100 different styles of monograms using my initials. I started off using every first letter of name then I selected letter A and C as the chosen initials. These letters are from my name Andrea Choong. I tried changing the position and sizes of the letters to make every monogram unique and different. Gradually, I added one colour to change the quality and effect.


Furthermore, I created a mind map of myself. I thought of every aspect of myself and I learnt more about myself through this mind map.

After designing different monograms, I selected two monograms that are my favourites. I developed both of the monograms by adding shapes and combining both letters. After developing the monograms, I chosen the best developed monogram and bring it forward to print on my items.

On a separate piece of paper, I wrote down five chosen items and wrote stories for each one. The stories include my past experiences and memories. I even planned out on how I would transfer my chosen monogram onto the items.

And lastly,  instead of printing on the items itself, it would be more creative to design and make something that represents the items. It can be in any form of art or a type of packaging.

Item 1: Toastmasters’ evaluation book

Instead of making a book, I decided to make an A5 poster to represent this item. I chose a green surface as it represents my title: My growth through Toastmasters.

Item 2: New Zealand photography

I thought of removing parts of scenery in the photography to make it look unique. Therefore, I inscribe different mediums to express each section of the scenery. The layering between each section shows the different views.

Item 3: Elephant keychain

I duplicated nine similar elephant silhouette from the keychain. I chose nine silhouette because it represents 9 years of my friendship with my best friend, Aqiella. Each silhouette represent a part of our memories together.

Item 4: My Artworks (Zen Drawings)

I decided to do a collage using photos of my Zen drawings. It represents my improvement in my drawings through the workshop I have attended. I design the monogram in the middle of the eye drawing in shades of red to show my passion for drawing.

Item 5: Laser cut print

Instead of creating a type of art to represent the laser cut, I created a packaging to hold my laser cut. I used black card paper to design a small box to hold and protect the laser cut.

Throughout this assignment, I learned that I enjoyed designing monograms and had endless amount of ideas. This assignment made me realize on what I am capable of and how it can help me choose a specific design to study in the future.

This module, 2D design studies taught me on how design can be created and made in different ways. It broadens my creativity and ideas in every assignment that I have done throughout the semester.

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