From my previous blog post about the interactive game, I have decided to share and reflect on my thoughts while making this game for the past several weeks.

What were the benefits throughout making the game?

Well…, the best part when making this game is that we get to explore and try out a game software that we have never used before! =) As for myself, it was a good experience to go through some tutorials videos on Youtube to learn how to use the software. I feel that this experience can help me gain more knowledge on game design and may help me in my further design project relating to to game design.

Apart from that, we even had fun playing the game we made which gives us the confidence in making a game for the first time.

What were the difficulties we faced or limitations throughout this project

While thinking of ideas for our proposal, we struggled to look for a topic to do on and choose either a video or a game to portray our ideas and topic clearly. We kept on changing our ideas frequently but managed to focus on one final idea in the end.

Besides that, we need to keep track on the deadline and the time duration to complete this game. This is our first time in making a game and we were worried about not finishing it on time and worried about the outcome of the game.

Apart from the time management, we spent a lot of time and effort in looking for free game softwares to use for our game making. But many of them are difficult to use and many problems in downloading them. However, Mr. Charles suggest a suitable game software to use at last. I spent a lot of time in searching for tutorials in Youtube to learn how to crack the RPG maker mv without any trials given and we cannot afford to purchase the official version. Not to mention, I had to learn from several tutorials on how to use the settings and how to create a proper game.


From Mr. Charles, he said that he understand the outcomes and objectives of the game we made. He could clearly understand the storyline and how this game can relate to our daily lives by managing our anger. From his point of view, he could feel that he gets irritated and anger when he makes the wrong choices or having troubles finding the exit. On the other hand, he commented that it would be better if we made more choices to choose for more confusion in the game. But most importantly, he told us that we did a good work and he can see that we put in a lot of effort in this.

Could this game relate to future possibilities as a designer and facing with our future clients or even in our daily lives?

In my opinion, I believe that this game can relate to me as a future designer. When I am a designer, I need to deal with clients with different personalities. In this case, this game portrays how I have to handle angry or irritated clients. Through discussing what the client wants to achieve in the project, he or she needs to make choices in what he or she wants to to look for in the project. After looking through the clients’ choices, I can easily read what kind of personality the client has and how can I use this to satisfy them.

Other than that, it may help in our daily lives as well. For instance, we, students are easily irritated or angry while balancing our study life and social life. It makes us think which choices will help us feel better and less stressful and even help us in our decision making for our study paths or work paths.

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