Have you ever fuse two different ideas into one single idea? I have learn this technique of fuse during my Creative Thinking Skills lecture on September 20th, 2017.

Based on our topic on fuse, we were suppose to design and make a type of fashion of our own choice. We were divided into 10-12 people in a group. and given a topic that we were randomly given. The topics are all a combination of food and object.

Our given topic was pepperoni pizza and a calculator. We had to make it out of recycled materials such as plastic bags, newspapers, strings, straws and many others. We chose to make a dress based on our topic.

Our idea was to make the plus and minus symbols using colourful straws. The symbols are tied with a string and it was hang onto the bottom of the dress.  This represents the symbols from the calculator. Then, we cut out pepperonis from a red recycled bag. Then we paste them all over the dress. The dress represent the pepperoni pizza. To make it look interesting, we created wavy patterns at the bottom of the dress using tape.

After completing the whole activity, we were satisfied with our effort on making the dress in a short period of time. Nevertheless, we had lots of fun doing this activity!!

We even took a group photo with all our course mates. =D

After doing this task, I learned that team corporation is essential for every group assignment. The dress would not be successfully made if we don’t work together. Despite the time limit, I noticed that we manage our time properly and completed the dress on time. Most importantly, we learned to think creatively by fusing two random things together.

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