For this project, I was briefed on making a graphics novel based on either a given story, urban legend or creating our own story. I need to have at least 6 panels with 2-3 transitions based on the chosen moment I chose to do on. 

I started off by searching for an urban legend in America and came across an urban legend, “The Man At The Window“. I decided to do this and outline the story with a mindmap.

After planning out the story, I created mood boards for my inspired ideas and research as well as the colour scheme that I plan to use later on.

Mood Board #1

Mood Board #2

Colour Scheme

During this week, I worked on my sketches and chose a scene/moment that I could visualize and understand more. I chose three types of transitions for each panel: Moment-to-moment, Action-to-action, and Subject-to-subject.

Initial Ideas Sketches:

I developing my initial sketches with more clarity and details to each of the transitions in each panel. I also thought of another idea of adding a scene to show Aspect-to-aspect of the location and time of the incident taking place.

Idea Development Sketches:

After developing my ideas, I finalize the layout of each panel and sketches to show the transitions. I digitize these sketches into Adobe Illustrator

Aspect to Aspect (Panel 1)

Moment to Moment (Panel 2)

Action to Action (Panel 3)

Subject to Subject (Panel 4)

I moved on to trying out different colour scheme. I tried to stick with three types of vintage colour scheme, shades of green,red and blue. 

Colour Scheme: Television

Colour Scheme: Couch & Girl

Colour Scheme: Living Room

Colour Scheme: Dark House

Colour Scheme: Wall Clock

After trying out the colour schemes, I moved on to choosing the final colour scheme that best suits the atmosphere and surroundings. I added some textures and details to each panel.

Final Outcome: Panel 1 (Aspect-to-Aspect)

Final Outcome: Panel 2 (Moment-to-Moment)

Final Outcome: Panel 3 (Action-to-Action)

Final Outcome: Panel 4 (Subject-to-Subject)

Final Outcome: Full Layout

After getting feedback, one of the lecturers commented that the overall comic layout tells the storyline. However, the perspective of how I place things in each panel can be better. For example, in the last panel, the killer figure can be close up to create suspense.  My other lecturer also commented on the panels need more vibrant. He suggested adding a yellow gradient and a glass texture to make it look scary and glass texture.

Final Outcome: Full Layout (with texture)