How would you like to introduce yourself in the most creative way? Would you introduce yourself vocally or on a piece of paper? 🙂

I chose to introduce myself in a form of a story book. I wanted to start the story by introducing my name as myself. Before I could start my work, I needed to prepare materials for my story book. I wanted to make my story book colourful and attractive.

My front page reveals where I get my names from my parents and grandparents.

My second page tells about my hometown, Ipoh. Ipoh is a town where it is famous for its mouthwatering and appetizing food. If you ever visit Ipoh, you will see many hungry folks hunting for delicious food.


The third page tells even though I’m a teenager, I still love stuff toys, especially teddy bears. They are my medicine and they help me to sleep properly. Both of these teddy bears are one of my favourite. I still have more teddy bears at home.

The fourth page tells entirely my talent in Art & Design. During my free times or at school, I would draw and paint in order to improve my skills.  Although I’m still lacking in some areas, I strive and believe that my skills will be excellent. 

And finally, the last page. Not only I can draw and paint, I can even design websites. I designed a website for myself and have continue to design it for four years. Furthermore, I love to design collages for my blog photos using online softwares.

So this is a brief introduction about myself. This is how I like to present myself to my course mates.

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