I went to Nam Heong Kopitam Food Court, Ipoh with my family for lunch on 21st August 2014.

Description of the restaurant

The restaurant is modern and well decorated inside. The kitchen is located on the ground floor and the food court is on the upper floor. There is an escalator to go to the food court.  The food delivery from kitchen to the restaurant is by using a small lift.  The restaurant’s  waiters wait near the lift to take the food out to serve to customers. There is a mini ipad on each table; and we can order food by using this mini ipad.  This restaurant serves  some of the famous foods and drinks in Ipoh.

I like this restaurant because this restaurant is spacious and has plenty of tables and chairs.  I also like their idea of using technology like mini ipad for ordering the menu and the lift for food delivery from kitchen to restaurant.

These are my photos taken at Nam Heong Kopitam food court.