My parents, sister and I had dinner at NorthSea Genuinely Belgian Restaurant, Ipoh on May 29th,2016.

Description of the restaurant

The restaurant was filled with some beautiful paintings on the walls and displays of some of the alcohol bottles at the left side of the dinning area. The counter area had an Belgian flag hung on below the ceiling. The waiters and waitresses were polite and helpful to us and to the other customers. Although the dishes were pricey, we still did not miss out the signature dishes recommended by the chef. In the menu, they had various Belgian dishes and beverages to eat and enjoy. They also had a signature wine called Hopus.

Types of Belgian food we had:

  • New Zealand mussels with white wine
  • Chicken chop with blue cheese sauce
  • Gigantic pork balls
  • French fries
  • Soup of the day
  • Chocolate ice-cream with a piece of waffle biscuit and a small cup of Hopus whiskey.