My parents, sister and I had a French lunch at Patisserie Boutique, Ipoh on July 17th,2016.

Description of the restaurant

The cafe was small and has two sections of dining areas. One of them is the main one which has a white and black background, whereas the other one has worn walls and is slightly smaller. There is a variety of main dishes, appetisers, hot & cold beverages and pastries. The counter and ordering area is very unique, elegant and has a French style of setting. After noon, the cafe gets crowded with customers so I would advise you to make a reservation first before coming in to eat.

Types of dishes, pastries and beverages we had:

  • Matcha Affogato
  • Iced Flavoured Latte (Crème Brulee)
  • Iced Chocolate
  • Smoked Salmon Alfredo
  • Beef Bacon Alfredo
  • Four seasons
  • Smoked duck croissants
  • Souffle pancake


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