My parents, sister and I went to Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village on January 4th, 2016.

As we step into this marvellous and beautiful village, we were amazed to see various activities we can try and entertain ourselves. Firstly, we rode bicycles which comes in different shapes and sizes and free to use. My sister and I rode the blue, red, yellow and black bicycle while my parents tried to ride the pink and white rickshaw.


Then, we took a few photos riding the swing near the river scenery. We walked around the river and observed the limestone mountains surrounding us. We also took some photos of the swans and the goats while they were busy eating. After that, we bought two packs of green tea rice crackers for RM 24 and entered a place where things from the past are being displayed in glass cupboards.



Later on, we walked up the hill to take more photos at the vintage side of the village. We took many photos using the equipment displayed in each section and on the road. After we reached to the top, we walked back down the hill and bought a wishing note at a stall nearby. We wrote each of our wishes using colourful marker pens.


Before we went home, we took some photos of the beautiful and attractive scenery in front of us.

Please come and visit this spectacular village in Ipoh!!


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