My parents, sister and I went to Sakae Sushi, Ipoh for lunch on August 9th, 2015. It is located in AEON Station 18.

Description of the restaurant

The waitresses were polite and helpful to us. The restaurant was full of people. We could order our food and drinks on the mini i-pad which was placed on the table (But a menu was given so we could see better). There was a belt conveyor to move the sushi around at the side of tables.  The foods were well presented which make the customers satisfied with the food.

Japanese food that we had eaten

  • Tori Karaage
  • Yakitori
  • Chic Katsu Jyu
  • Yasai Kaki Jyu
  • Nabe Udon
  • Cha Soba
  • Iced Genmai


2015-08-10_1145 2015-08-10_1137

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