Have you ever thought of creating something using labels? I never thought of using labels as a form of artwork.

For this side quest, I was asked to create an artwork using labels for sweet wrappers, bread clips, fruit stickers and many more. It can be a scenery, portrait or any sort of creative art.

Therefore, this gave me an idea to combine labels in a silhouette. To start it of, I drew a silhouette of the Statue of Liberty using 2B pencil. One by one, I attached and pasted different labels from different packets and wrappers that I could find.

I collected labels from instant noodles packets, bread clips, biscuit packets, tea bag packets, bread packets, frozen food packets, sauce packets and many more. It was not easy to paste every labels to follow the silhouette. Some of the labels I had to cut them out in a shape in order to fit them in the silhouette.

After accomplishing this side quest, it taught me a new way to create an artwork rather than using drawing mediums or magazine collages. It gave me a different way of thinking on how to reuse unwanted items into a form of artwork.

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