Have you ever decorated your poetry page? Well, I have written some poetry before but I have never thought of decorating them. This side quest taught me one method using pressed flowers.

Pressed flowers are any type of flower that is being pressed in between pages of a book. It takes about 1-2 weeks to get the quality of the pressed flowers. I have decided on using three different types of flowers found in Malaysia:

  1. Bougainvillea
  2. Ixora
  3. Butterfly-pea flowers

These flowers look very different from each other in terms of shape, colour and sizes. I took these flowers from my grandmother’s garden.

Besides that, I needed to write a poem based on my personal expressions, emotions, thoughts or ideas. In my personal experience, I have chose to do about success. I picked a moment where I chose to be successful in my further studies. The moment where I had to leave home and explore new places.

My poem was 4 lines long which tells a summary of what I must sacrifice in order to be successful. I did a Idea Journal which develops my ideas and helps me to think in depth.

IDJ Journal


After completing this side quest, I learned that pressed flowers can really enhance the beauty and the appearance of the poetry page.

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