Have you ever design a black or white plain silhouette of a figure? Well, I have design inside a silhouette of a self-portrait but not a figure?

In this exercise, I was asked to do at least 10 different figure silhouettes based on sports athletes. We are free to explore using any type of medium. In class, we learnt how to print a silhouette on a another paper using soft pastels and crayons.

I did 10 figure silhouettes based on the technique I learned during class.

First piece: basketball player, football player

Second piece: javelin thrower, weightlifter

Later on, I explore using different medium designing outside and inside the silhouette.

First piece: Javelin thrower (using black drawing pen)

Second piece: Javelin thrower (using white drawing pen)


First piece: Ballerinas ( using poster paint and marker pens)

Second piece: Ballerinas (using crayons and marker pens)

First piece: Ballerina (using calligraphy ink and stick, poster paint)

Second piece: Ballerina (using marbling and red poster paint splattering)

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