The factory only opens from Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm. During the weekends, it opens from 9am-1pm on Saturday and closes on Sunday. We were able to witness the process of how one of the popular water bottle brands were made before supplying it to the shops.

Were you ever curious of how your water is made in factories? If you are, come and visit to one of the well-known water brand, Spritzer Factory and have a look at inside the process making factory.

The water bottles were made entirely using machinery and works 24 hours 5 1/2 days. It was really satisfied to see how the bottles and water were made. There were different machinery in the factory, like the bottle making, labelling, filling water and many more. We were not allowed to take photos inside the factory.

Besides that, we can also visit the EcoPark which is opposite the factory. There are various activities to try. We tried the 18-hole mini golf course. The level towards the end got harder and harder as it took time for us to hit the golf ball into the hole.

Capture6.jpg (774×583)

There were also attractions to visit in the park as well like the cactus rock, heart rock and forever love.

After playing in the hot sun, we bought refreshments at the souvenir shop while cooling down ourselves. Luckily, we could keep the golf balls that we played with after finishing the golf course.

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