My parents, sister and I went to Sun Kim Aik coffee shop to eat dim sum for breakfast on Friday, May 1st 2015. The coffee shop is opposite the Falim House in Menglembu.

Description of the coffee shop

It was very crowded due to the Labor public holiday. The waitresses were polite and helpful to us. The food services were organised . However, the price of the food was expensive.

Types of dim sum we had for breakfast

    • Char Siew Pao ( barbecue pork pao)
    • Dumplings
    • Egg porridge
    • Chee Cheong Fun ( rice noodle rolls)
    • Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings)
    • Shu Mai (Pork Dumplings)
    • Chrysanthemum tea
  • Fried pork and prawn rolls



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