Have you ever heard of a ice cream that smokes? It is also known as Nitrogen Ice Cream. Although I have eaten ice cream many times, but this was my first time trying this unique kind of ice cream.

My parents, sister and I went to Safe Room cafe at Campbell Street in Georgetown, Penang on 29th June 2018 to have some ice cream as desserts after our dinner at a nearby Hokier shop.


Brief description 

In this cafe, there is a open-kitchen area at the front of the cafe doors where you are able to witness and observe how the liquid nitrogen ice cream is made. This cafe is Not only ice cream is available, the place even offered a range of cakes and some main dishes. These include pasta, egg ben, breakfast sets and many more!

The flavors for the ice cream may sound weird and strange but there are safe to enjoy and have with your family and friends. The staff are currently working on some new flavors and have some plans on adding them to their menu soon.

At the back of the cafe, there is a yellow safe room where inside there is tree with love lock locked by couples and short messages written on small note papers from their customers.

The ice creams we ordered:

Chocolate Banana

We failed for the first photo, as the nitrogen smoke had evaporated and the ice cream started melting.

But we managed to take the photo of the ice cream with still some nitrogen smoke remaining.

Naughty Peanut Butter

Here are several photos of the cafe interior and the safe box.

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I hope that my blog review will encourage all of you to visit “The Safe Room” one day!

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